A mom-and-pop grocery store on the corner. A family owned auto body shop. A couple of CPAs who have hung out a shingle. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of forms small businesses can take. We’re here for all of them. We’re here for you.

About us:

We’re passionate about helping small business owners face their unique challenges. We’re here to support you, whether you’re asking questions about payroll taxes or FMLA, moving from a storefront to the internet or vice versa, or deciding on your best networking or marketing practices. We’ve been involved with small businesses for some years now, and we want to help you learn from our mistakes. And our successes.

One more important thing you should know about us: We want this blog to support you and your small business needs. But we can’t do that unless you talk to us. Reach out and let us know what you most want us to talk about: how to get a day off when you’re the only employee you have, do you have to abide by child labor laws when it’s your own kid, or when to hire another actual adult to help – and what paperwork you need to fill out when you do.
The last thing you need to know about us: Our goal is to be your go-to blog for small business information. We’re looking forward to earning your readership.

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