Looking for Inexpensive Green Screen Studios in NY City

For many years studios have perfected the art of using a green screen to set up amazing backgrounds and create amazing environments. The utilization of a green screen lets you add cool effects, animation and create many unique backgrounds that take you to different places.

The best part about setting up a New York Green Screen Studio background is that they are simple to create. No matter what your budget is, anyone with a bit of imagination using the right materials has the potential to make a highly creative background. But first, you must have the necessary tools in order to take advantage of the background that you set up.

Everything looks great when you understand how to use the green screen and master the techniques that help when setting up certain shots. The first step to setting up a proper studio is having the right wall to place the green screen against. A bare white wall free from clutter will do just fine. Make sure you have enough room in front of the wall to be able to film from different angles. The larger the room the better.

Set up your green screen against the wall making sure there are no wrinkles or indentations in the material that would distort the subject in front. This is very important because any wrinkling in the screen can create shadows on the subject that you are trying to film. Pull the screen tightly all the way to the floor if you plan on shooting full scenes.

Choose your equipment wisely. An excellent green screen studio background will only come out as well as the camera at hand. A great camera can hide some of the imperfections in the background set up.

Lighting is very important. You will want to test out the lighting to make sure that the scene matches the image you are trying to capture. If it’s a daylight scene have enough light to create that effect, likewise, with a nighttime scene try to diffuse the light much more. Your background set up will function correctly when you add the right lighting.

Always position the subject(s) at least 8 to 10 ft away from the green screen to avoid the shadowing effect. Keep them on the green screen at all times, making sure your subjects know exactly where they need to be.

The best green screen studio background setup works well when you have all the elements in place. It may be a bit of trial and error at first until you get the right lighting and adjust the green screen so there aren’t any shadows. Take your time setting everything up so you end up with the perfect camera shot every time.